29.5R25 Michelin XTXL E-4


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Brand / model: Michelin XTXL
Size: 29.5 R25
TRA-Code: E-4
Ply / star rating: ★★★★
Load index / kg: 170
Speed index / mph / kph: G
Compound: ---
Tread depth, 32nds / mm: 74/59
Tube: TL
Condition: new
Country of origin:


New 29.5R25 Michelin XTXL E-4 for loaders

The Michelin XTXL E-4 and -4 – is a loader tire which beefs up productivity capabilities in big ways over its predecessor, the XLDD1. Launching at the end of the summer, the new tire features what Michelin calls B2 technology, which reduces rim slip with a new bead architecture that is 30 percent wider. But the main improvement with this tire is just how much stronger it is. The sidewalls on the XTXL are 50-percent thicker than its predecessor and it boasts a 40-percent increased metal mass. Thanks to this reinforcement from more steel cable, damage is 20-percent less likely to occur on the tread and 10-percent less likely on the sidewall.

Load capacity has also seen a considerable increase with the XTXL, up 15 percent to nearly 36 tons for the 35/65 R33 tire size. And with the lack of rim slip, operators can now get 20-percent more torque transmission for a big boost in efficiency. In addition to the 35/65 R33 tire size, the XTXL will be available in the following sizes: 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.

  • Provides 10% improved tire life and 15% increased load-carrying capacity
  • Offers up to 20% more torque from the wheel to the ground through the rim interface compared to its predecessor, the MICHELIN XLD D1 tire
  • Delivers up to 20% decrease in out-of-service tires is possible due to an enhanced puncture-resistant crown and 10% stronger sidewalls
  • Equipped with Michelin’s patented B2 technology which reduces rim slip due to a new flat bead wire that strengthens clamping force on the wheel and increases its contact surface with the rim compared to previous-generation Michelin XLD D1 tire
  • Benefits from more solid steel cables, increased metal mass, thicker sidewalls and a new steel belt offering increased protection against punctures in the tread area
  • Greater load capacity of nearly 36 tons for the 35/65R33 tire size than the previous generation MICHELIN XLD D1 due to cable-reinforced carcass
  • Shoulder design helps tire to cool more quickly
  • Central zone and its large, beefy lugs are cut resistant to improve both damage resistance and traction capability
  • Wide grooves and channels provide traction and grip on graded and loose ground conditions

Крупногабаритные шины 29.5R25 Michelin XTXL с протектором E-4 для подземного карьерной техники со скальным (глубоким) типом протектора. Обладают средней устойчивостью к порезам и ударам; хорошей мобильностью и сцеплением с грунтом.