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In February 1999 – OAO “Nizhnekamskshina” established in its structure an enterprise that was supposed to deal exclusively with the sale of its products. On February 25, 1999, the first shipment of tires to the buyer was made. This date went down in history as the birthday of the company. The original name was OOO “Trading House OAO Nizhnekamskshina.”

In February 2001 – was held the company restructure of ownership – the founder became the Public Joint-Stock Company “Tatneft” represented by OOO “MC Tatneft-Neftekhim.” It was decided to rename the company to LLC “Trading House” Kama “. This year, they started to develop a dealer network, and in 2003 the first subsidiaries.

Product range

Nowdays, under the brand KAMA, manufacturing tires KAMA, KAMA EURO, VIATTI, for trucks, industrial and agricultural tires. The entire range includes more than 100 tire models.

Tires KAMA are in the market since 1967 and since that time has established itself as a high quality, reliable and popular among car owners domestic tires. In 2004, the product range has expanded with KAMA EURO tires, while the tire business of Tatneft adopted new technologies and equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Further development and design of the tire business of Tatneft allowed in 2010 to create an even more innovative product – VIATTI tires produced by unique German technology and at the same time fully adapted to Russian roads.Today, the products of the VIATTI tire brand demonstrate the best combination of excellent reliability, quality and reasonable price, which makes it especially popular among modern car owners.

Viatti tires are produced by exclusive German technology and Italian design. A fully automated production process eliminates the human factor, which allows achieving a sustainable high quality in the entire product line.

KAMA EURO tires have been produced since 2004 by the technology of the world’s leading tire manufacturer by using a high quality raw materials. In the development applies computer modeling methods, which allows on a early stages of the manufacturing to give the tire the necessary consumer properties. Due to high quality and reliability, KAMA EURO tires are approved for the initial equipment of the cars of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, such as AVTOVAZ, Volkswagen, Skoda and Ford.

There are no doubts that all-metal-cord truck tires has a big advantages to the traditional ones. Fuel economy and increased strength due to the metal construction of not only the breaker, but also the carcass itself, makes it the optimal choice for any type of vechile. The benefits of the buying these tires are the hight quality, low price and after sails maintenance are the main reasons why customers choosing Kama.

The KAMA brand offers 19 product lines for 32 standard sizes of car tires (PCR), 14 headings for 36 truck tire sizes (TBR), 6 headings for 7 sizes of light truck tires (LTR), industrial (IND) and agricultural tires (AG). With high quality and standards, the cost of tires remains affordable for most car lovers. The KAMA brand became the first in Russia, whose tires were used for factory equipment of such brands as Fiat, Skoda and Volkswagen.


For the successful implementation of marketing goals, Kama Trade House has developed a well-developed distribution network from its subsidiaries and independent dealers, which carry out wholesale and retail trade. Each company has its own regional market, where sales, marketing and promotional activities are carried out.

Subsidiaries and independent dealers of Kama Trading House are located in all regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Omsk and many other cities of the country.

KAMA tires are exported to 45 countries of the world. Priority belongs to the near abroad (Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others), where the main part of the fleet uses Russian-made vehicles. The products are also delivered to the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Kama tires are used for primary assembly by such leading manufacturers as KAMAZ, GAZ Group, IVECO-AMT, NefAZ, UAZ, Volkswagen Group Rus, Ford Sollers Holding ” and others.

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