GIGANT-TIRE.COM (Gigant Tire LLC) is new and discount OTR tires distributor. We specializes in wholesale of OTR, industrial tires for the mining and construction industries and off-the-road truck tire. With over 5 years of operation in the field as discount tires distributor, GIGANT-TIRE.COM is a trusted wholesale supplier to tire dealers, logistic company, mining operations and construction companies worldwide. We have several large warehouses strategically located the Russian Federation to provide extensive stock and rapid delivery for domestic orders, as well as expedited shipment to operations outside the Russia.

GIGANT-TIRE.COM also purchases any new / old / single / discontinued OTR Tire stock. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any inquiry, offer or any technical question, comments or criticism.

We’re looking forward to do a business with you.

Gigant Tire bank details and offices address

“Giant Tire”, Limited Liability Company

ИНН 7802774114
КПП 780201001
ОГРН 1117847617172
ОКПО 30722179

Legal address:

194100 (postal code), Vyborgskaya embankment, 55 building 3 lit A, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Address a warehouse in Saint Petersburg:

Konnaya Lahta, 48 building 2, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Address a warehouse in Surgut:

Promyshlennaya st, 25, Surgut, Russian Federation


Main office in St.Petersburg: 8 (800) 500-12-84 (toll free for Russia) or +7 (812) 426-12-85

Additional office in Surgut: +7 (912) 903-7274 / +7 (911) 903-8275