29.5R25 Michelin XADN+


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Brand / model: Michelin XADN+
Size: 29.5R25
TRA-Code: E-3
Ply / star rating: ★★
Load index / kg: 200 / 14 000
Speed index / mph / kph: B / 31 / 50
Compound: ---
Tread depth, 32nds / mm: 55 / 44
Tube: TL
Condition: new
Country of origin: France



benefits michelin xadn+ OTR tires

New 29.5R25 Michelin XADN+ tire

29.5R25 Michelin XADN+ – E-3 radial tire for Articulated Trucks designed to deliver Exceptional Reliability in a Variety of Applications. The XADN+ has been designed to enhance the performance and ultimately the productivity of these vehicles by ensuring that they can withstand the stresses and strains of these environments, and endure greater loads to keep pace with ever-increasing productivity demands.

The Michelin XADN+ offers a host of improvements and benefits including:

  • Increased tread life from 8% to 15% as a result of a more resistant rubber compound in the tread
  • Stronger sidewalls owing to a new damage-resistant profile
  • Better flotation and excellent traction on soft terrain
  • Excellent lateral grip on soft and/or muddy soil due to the self-cleaning tread pattern
  • Environmentally-friendly due to the utilisation of fewer raw materials
  • Weight reduction of 14 kg per tire resulting in an overall weight decrease of 84 kg per machine

The XADN+’s outstanding enhancements are aligned with our own design ethos incorporated into our products to assist our customers in improving the profitability of their operations.  The immobilisation of machinery has critical consequences – replacing a tyre on-site can result in the significant loss of production. The XADN+ has proven to be best-suited to the extreme working conditions in which vehicles function and is a pivotal part of the impressive capabilities of our products.