26.5R25 Goodyear RL-5K


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Brand / model: Goodyear RL-5K
Size: 26.5R25
TRA-Code: L-5
Ply / star rating: ★★
Load index / kg: 209 / 18 500
Speed index / mph / kph: A2 / 6 / 10
Compound: 6S
Tread depth, 32nds / mm: 109.6/ 87
Tube: TL
Condition: new
Country of origin: Luxembourg



New 26.5R25 Goodyear RL-5K

Underground mining & Wheel Loader, for extremely severe applications 250 level

If you work in severe conditions, the super extra tread 250-level Goodyear RL-5K radial tire is what you need. It has the deepest tread available for maximum wear in high torque applications, but still maintains a smooth ride made possible by a solid centerline design. (The above tire configuration can also be produced in a smooth and half smooth tread for hard rock mining operation).

Goodyear RL-5K features

  • Flat tread surface for maximum ground contact: 250-level tread depth, 150% deeper than standard L-3, off ers the deepest tread depth available for enhanced wear
  • Radial construction off ers improved treadwear and cooler running; heavy lateral ribs to provide good traction
  • Unique synthetic/natural rubber compound for long-wearing tread and advanced cut resistance
  • Steel carcass, multiple steel belts, deep tread to provide strength and durability in harsh operating environments
  • High-tensile steel belt package off ers enhanced impact and cut resistance
  • Long life