Titan Tire entered the mining market in February 2008 with the production of its first giant radial off-the-road tire. In 2010, Titan introduced its second generation 007 MFT mining tire product line, offering enhanced durability, a more aggressive tread pattern, improved heat dissipation and the ability to carry a larger payload. To complement Titan’s giant tire line, Titan Wheel offers the Superduty Titan Machine Taper (STMT 63) and Accelerated Change Technology (ACT 63) wheel assemblies. These assemblies weigh less than competitors, allowing more payload capacity per haul truck. The ACT allows tires to be changed or rotated without the need to dismount the wheels. This system can save mining contractors nearly 50 percent of the time previously spent changing tires.

Titan is the only company with the ability to design, test and produce both wheels and tires for the mining market. Because of this unique ability, Titan has created Titan Mining Services (TMS) to offer complete tire, wheel and track services to end users near large mines.

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